Not necessary?

Many British people, who have purchased a home in the costas, were initialy convinced that their dream home would need no heating. British residents are reportedly the toughest when it comes to cold weather conditions, but after experiencing the first winter in Spain they have heating installed!. The proof:

An average of more than 70 ads from central heating installers can be found weekly in the 'Costa Blanca News'

Traditionaly built houses in Spain are not well insulated. Outside 3ºC would probably means 4ºC inside Using gas fires, as is the norm, would introduce approximatly 20 litres of water vapour per gas bottle, into the already humid air.

The humidity permeates everything, dampening clothes and doesn't help Rheumatics. The British buyer soon realises, that the promise, 'No heating necessary in Spain' is not strictly correct.

Heating not necessary - with Styro Stone?

There is a house on the Costa Blanca built, in the year 2000, of 25cm STYRO STONES, which only has a controlled air ventilation system.

The winter of 2002/2003 was reported to be one of the coldest ever on the Costa Blanca. Notwithstanding this the STYRO STONE house only needed the heating on for 2 weeks.

The installation of an expensive heating system is therefore not necessary. This maximum of a fortnight for heating could actually be done more economically with a small electrical heater. This is entirely due to superb insulation. When external temperatures are low STYRO STONE homes can be warmed up very quickly and remain warm longer, this is called the comfort factor.

The following summer was reported to be the hottest for 50 years, yet the rooms remained cool. In a STYRO STONE house with both internal and external STYRO STONE walls, The superbly insulated walls do not heat up during daytime and therefore cannot give back the heat during the night, again this produces a comfortable living space.