As a result of increasing demand from expat residents, Spanish builders have begun to offer, double-wall construction with insulation in the cavity.

The standard of the build is not always as good as you would normaly find in the UK.

The effectiveness of the insulation is questionable and these standards would not normaly be accepted by UK building inspectors.

Cheap EPS-boards with low U-values are often carelessly inserted between the inner and outer wall structures and thermal bridging is common, which coupled together reduces the walls effectiveness.

It may be a good idea to visit a construction site in the neighbourhood, where you hope to build, to check standards. The pictures shown below, are examples of what appeares to be the norm.

Polystyrene boards are carelessly fitted between the inner and outer wall structures.

in window-openings, polystyrene is replaced by plaster, whilst insulation is not used around lintels. This causes thermal bridging.

In the ceiling, where insulation is particularly important, there is none.

Once the house has been rendered, the bad workmanship is hidden.