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A valuable new aid to the designer, providing a simple and inexpensive solution to a wide range of technical requirements encountered in both new build and refurbishment.

Apart from the obvious structural advantages compared to conventional beam and block or concrete planks, there are many additional benefits including:
  • Unsupported spans up to 12 metres
  • Unsupported spans during concrete pour up to 9 metres - possible
  • No need for heavy-duty cranage
  • Overall, far faster construction time compared to conventional methods
  • Domestic floors require only 70mm of concrete. For heavier loadings such as car decks etc., 100mm of concrete is the norm
  • Underfloor heating and ducting for services can be accommodated within the concrete core and after pour within the Styro Stone base forming the ceiling
  • No necessity for further insulation or lagging for pipework, which can be concealed within the ceiling structure
  • A float finish is possible with a single concrete pour. Dispenses with the need for multiple pours, slab and screed, or floating floors
  • With insulation integral to the system, the Styro Stone floor system is ideal for the construction of suspended floors at ground level, supported on piles or piers

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