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The simultaneous construction of several houses with Styro Stone is very advantageous in comparison to traditional construction.

Advantages of building with styrostones:

- Speed of construction: The structure and the insulation are done at the same time.

- Less labour intensive: One storey can be erected by 3-4 people in one day and concrete poured the same evening.

- Heavy and costly tools unnecessary: Only a handsaw and masonary drill are needed.

- Reduced instruction time: For a good shuttering carpenter, one day is sufficient.

- Reduced risk of labour accidents: Light construction material reduces operative fatigue and so reduces the risks of accidents.

- Energy saving: Double-sided insulation saves 50-70% in energy costs. Use of RR stones (neopor) creates a passive energy home.

- Structural strength: Steel reinforcement is easily placed inside the styrostone shutter, making the concrete even earthquake resistent.

Urbanisation with Styro Stone in Ireland

plan of the urbanisation

Different house-types

type A1
type B1
type B
town house type A
duplex house type B
duplex house type C

Sequency of construction

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Above foundation 3-4 layers will be set, levelled, squared and the trestles installed. Trestles ensure vertical alignment and facilitate a continuous level coursing for the duration of the build. The trestles also double up as a safe working platform to facilite pouring the conrete.

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Construction is sequential when building several houses

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The ceiling is poured without the need for further support, allowing other work (such as plumbing) to commence the following day.

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Construction process resembles a conveyor belt.

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Carpentry immediately follows the completion of the concrete structure.

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Closing of the roof and rendering.

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Rendering finished.

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Following the plan, house types A1, B1 und B are brick slipped.

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